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Introduction to CEPOL

CEPOL was initially founded by Council Decision 200/820/JHA of 22 December 2000 as a body financed directly by the Member States of the European Union and functioned as a network, by bringing together the national training institutes in the Member States, whose tasks include the training of senior police officers.

CEPOL was later established as an agency of the European Union by Council Regulation No. 2005/681/JHA of 20 September, 2005 (OJ L 256/63 of 1 October, 2005). The decision was amended by the European Parliament and the Council on 15 May 2014 establishing that seat of CEPOL shall be Budapest, Hungary.

On 25 November 2015 Council and Parliament adopted Regulation (EU) 2015/2219 on the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) which replaced and repealed Council Decision 2005/681/JHA.

CEPOL’s main function is to support, develop, implement and coordinate training of law enforcement officials, while putting particular emphasis on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the context of law enforcement, in particular in the areas of prevention of and fight against serious crime affecting two or more Member States and terrorism, maintenance of public order, in particular international policing of major events, and planning and command of Union missions, which may also include training on law enforcement leadership and language skills (Article 3.1 of Regulation (EU) 2015/2219).

CEPOL is located in Budapest, Hungary. The working language of the agency is English.

CEPOL is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from all candidates who fulfil the eligibility and selection criteria without any distinction on the grounds of nationality, age, race, gender, political, philosophical or religious conviction or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities, marital status or other family situation.

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