View Vacancy -- 2020-CA-05 - Cybercrime Training Officer - to establish a reserve list

Contract agent
Function group IV
30,000 € - 39,999 €

The Training Officer will implement onsite and online activities of the CEPOL Cybercrime Academy. The post holder will implement residential activities as planned at CCA and also contribute to the development and implementation of the online products and creating the blended learning portfolio in the thematic area.

The post requires a very good command of English, both written and oral, good technical skills, as well as excellent organisational and moderation skills. Work experience in cybercrime and law enforcement background are necessary.

  • Provide support to the design, development, delivery and evaluation of onsite and online training activities;
  • Organise and moderate onsite and online activities as well as expert meetings and workshops;
  • Help coordinate CCA activities, taking care of horizontal tasks and reporting;
  • Participate in relevant meetings;
  • Develop new learning products.

In addition, in order to be eligible the candidate must:

  • Be a national of a Member State of the Union;
  • Be entitled to his or her full rights as a citizen;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws on military service;
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post; and
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Union (min. level C1) and a satisfactory knowledge (min. level B2) of another language of the Union.

A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three (3) years attested by a diploma


Professional training in the field of law enforcement and after having completed the training, at least the number of years relevant of relevant professional experience indicated below:

Duration of professional training                                        Professional experience

More than 6 months and up to 1 year                             4 years

More than 1 year and up to 2 years                                  3 years

More than 2 years and up to 3 years                                 2 years

More than 3 years                                                                1 year

In addition to the above at least 2 years of relevant and proven professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma or after completed the professional training with the experience linked to the training.

A contract offer will be made as a member of the Contract Agent staff of the agency in accordance with the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities for a five years period, which may be renewed for additional 5 years. The third contract will be for an indefinite period. The successful candidate will be recruited as Training Officer (Cybercrime) – FGIV.

The basic monthly net pay for this post is EUR 2,243.74 (grade 13), EUR 2,435.90 (grade 14) or EUR 3,042.66 (grade 16). The correction coefficient (on the date of publication of this vacancy notice is 75,3% for Hungary and is already taken in consideration for these amounts.

The step is determined on the basis of professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma of an education required for the position and in line with applicable implementing rules.

In addition, based on personal situation, the following allowances might be granted:

  • Expatriation or foreign residence allowance: 16% or 4% of the basic pay.
  • Annual travel allowance: staff who are entitled to the expatriation (16%) or foreign residence (4%) allowance are entitled to be paid each calendar year a sum representing the cost of travel from the place of employment to the place of origin for themselves and, if they are entitled to the household allowance, for their spouse and dependents (less than age of 2)
  • Household allowance
  • Allowance for a dependent child or person treated as such:
    • Pre-school allowance:
    • Education allowance:
    • School fees: paid by CEPOL for dependent children who joined the staff member in changing the residence to fully respect the article 20 of the Staff Regulations. The school shall be considered as non-fee paying and the staff member concerned shall not receive the education allowance mentioned in the bullet point(s) above.

The costs covered by CEPOL shall be:

  • The registration and attendance fees at international schools
  • The transportation costs
  • Excluding all other costs as described on the Commission decision C(2004)131-53-2004 on general implementing provisions for the grant of the education allowance.

In addition, CEPOL will provide benefits and entitlements in line with those of European Union Civil Servants. Such entitlements will be established based on the necessary documents provided by the newly recruited staff member upon taking up duty with CEPOL.

The successful candidate shall undergo a probation period of 9 months.

For reasons related to CEPOL’s operational requirements, the candidate may be required to be available at short notice.

The highest scoring candidates exceeding the threshold defined in advance by the Selection Committee shall be invited for interview. Maximum number of candidates to be invited for interview shall not exceed 10. Interview and written test will be held in person in Budapest, Hungary in case the current COVID-19 situation allows. If this is not the case only interviews will be carried out via Skype.

The information provided in applications is subject to EU legislation on protection of personal data and confidentiality of information.

Only candidates who achieve 65% of the total scores available for written test and interview can be included in the Reserve List. The reserve list will be valid until 31 December 2021 and may be extended by the decision of the Appointing Authority of CEPOL. (Please be aware that placement on a reserve list in no way guarantees future employment at CEPOL.)

Sound knowledge and experience in the Law Enforcement Cybercrime area at national or EU level;

Experience in designing and/or implementing training activities on a national and/or international level. Please provide examples (min. 2) with details (topic, duration, your role, etc.)!

Knowledge of international cooperation mechanisms in the area of cybercrime;

Excellent command of English both oral and written;

Experience in online training designing and/or implementing;

Experience in cooperating with EU bodies and agencies and other relevant stakeholders (area of cybercrime);

This opportunity is closed to applications.